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Jedes Jahr erinnert der Christopher Street Day an die widerständigen Dragqueens, Transmenschen und Homosexuellen, die 1969 ihre Rechte im Stonewall Inn erkämpften. The social movement developed into a space dominated by white, able-bodied, gay cis men, which does not represent many people from the queer community. Stonewall is not singular in its revolutionary aspirations and history. Being queer means being diverse, living intersectionally and being political.

COMMAND QUEER signifies the possibility of a queer utopia, in which opportunities for an emancipated future are demonstrated. Together with artists and activists from different backgrounds, it creates a place that shows, supports and celebrates the diversity of the queer scene. All under the motto: “Command Queer – Escape the Binary”!

The project Command Queer was launched in November 2021. Since then, over 60 people have become part of a new queer movement in Hamburg. A movement that aims to put on the SPEKTAKEL in 2021 and the FESTIVAL in the Gängeviertel in 2022. Other projects, such as networking, discussion, education and party events are certainly in the pipeline.

We need you to continue to hold on to our vision. We need your support in our team. We have a variety of tasks and since we are a young project, you can also simply take on tasks according to your interests and change Queer Hamburg sustainably.

You can get involved in all processes, from curation, security, first aid, saferspaces, public relations, conceptual design, infrastructure, technology, finances, demo organisation, decoration, booking, barrier-free, awareness, artistcare, catering, general organisation or maybe something completely different. We’re sure you’ll be well received!

Feel free to contact us if we have aroused your interest. Please fill out the contact form and we will get in touch with you!